A Game Of Cards

Strong, charismatic, happy
all the things I was,
stronger, more charismatic, happier
all the things I could have been,
weak, sad, depressed
all the things I became
after staking my life in a game,
a game of cards

I trusted them with cultivating my gardens
but they dug graves all over the lanes,
each step I’d take
would always lead to me feeling sad
or as good as dead
they always dressed in white
yet deep within them,
they were all in black
waiting for my funeral

I have risen so many times
like an eagle in a cloudy sky,
they have always been throwing spears at me
I evaded them so many times
this time round though,
they hit bullseye
and I came crashing down
like a skydiver under a faulty parachute

All my pieces were spread all over,
my wandering soul hovered
above the sacred scene
looking at my fallen self
choking on dusty air
letting out death rattles
at the end of my lost battles
for I took a blunt penknife to a gunfight
not wanting anyone to get hurt
fighting toxicity with love
in a brook of hatred
ending up being swept away
by storms of sadness
into this ocean of melancholy

Those vultures were never done with me,
they descended within a blink of an eye
in the depth of the night
coming along with bats,
everything happening so fast
in that vast field full of dry bones
and black crows roaming over sad stones,
my body was right at the centre of it all
dancing to the tune of my perdition,
a nemesis I sold and bought
like a slave in Hitler’s courtyard,
I earned it

My eyes still filled with tears
watching them fly into the dark skies 
my remains lay lifeless on that fracas
yet there I was,
still raising my arms
with the last bits of strength inside my veins
hoping I could still save them,
my breaking heart
pumping slower than ever,

Of course those blind birds wouldn’t see
they had flown back into their sinister seas,
my demise was so vague,
though I saw it coming,
I called it via the sweet sound
of the shell in my heart
colliding with the clouds of the air
turning into a wave of love,
that’s what attracted the birds,
that’s what drew the vultures

In a pool of my remains,
my soul sat sewing my seams,
putting my bones back to position,
my heavy eyes
swimming in discontent,
fixed at the blank sky,
and my numb nose
feeding on the disappearing fresh air

As my skin slowly begins to grow back,
with every second across twilight
giving me a hope of meeting light
when my night and damnation is over
just right after my stars take a long nap
into the elegant expedition of daybreak
and my skin will glow again
with infectious fragrance,
my strength will return,
I’ll howl once again

Strong, charismatic, happy
all the things I was,
stronger, more charismatic, happier
all the things I could have been,
weak, sad, depressed
all the things I became
after staking my life in a game,
a game of cards

I have given love where it wasn’t due. I have always taken the blame for crimes I have never committed. I have always been the lesser one; the one who gets less just because I was too kind to say no; for no would hurt them and make them sad. I have always taken second place just so that they may be happy at the expense of my own happiness. I have taken half for long enough.

I have sacrificed myself rather too much,
willing to put my life on the line
for people who never cared
to give even a fraction of the same back

I missed the train while roaming
  in their fogs

of hate and unrequited affections

I have totally failed
in finding my own happiness
by holding on for rather too long
waiting for the redemption of devils,
forgetting this here is hell,
their kingdom
and I am no Messiah

I have sinned against myself                           

by settling for less than what I deserve

For that, I’m punishing myself with a long break to put my pieces together. I’ll curve the best craft of my misused resources. No matter how long it takes, I shall bounce back stronger than ever before. I’ll only go for first place. I’ll only give love to the right people. I’m not settling, I’m choosing.

I am heading to win my life back



Did you hear what the beggar
in the corner down at sixth street
just say?
That I’m just like him.
Did you?
Is it true that I’m sick?

Then why can’t I be like the other boys
Why do you always lock me up in the house
Why do I keep craving my last breath
Only to cheat doom at the end
How did I survive all those attempts
How am I still breathing
Where is the charismatic me
Where did all my zeal and energy go
Who is the dark lady in my room every night
Who is the elf she carries on her lap
What do they want from me
What is the date today?

When will you let me go play outside

When will I be okay
Which is truth,
you or the beggar
in the corner down at sixth street?

And there will come a day when
 my words will lose their meaning

All these rants will be gone
as the last dew before noon,
tears wouldn’t have a place here,
my sinking sun will forever be
 swallowed up
by the cold horizon
as the moon will burn red
with blood from my eyes
causing the stars to rust
and the earth to loosen
its chains of gravity
on our bodies

Fears of existence will take
 centre stage of my scope
like a rose trampled on the muddy ground
never getting the chance to bloom again,
thence the whistling wind will cease to blow,
the dust on the floor will flare up
causing an uproar from the air riding on her,
vicious vapour around my precipitation
 will deluge to clog my lungs

Slowly I’ll fade away
as an injured wolf’s howl
disappearing from the shadows
 of the vicinity
as he staggers heavily
to his gracious grave,
I’ll raise my palm
with the last of energy
in my shaking body
just to catch a glimpse
of my sad setting sun

A tenacious tango will commence
from the crying weeds within green pastures
to the drying seeds amongst stormy sees
followed by a last rattle from my camp

before taking me to a mental health facility,

Please get me to your room,
smile at me as your groom,
stitch all my fraying seams,
hold me in your arms,
rocking me from side to side
as though I’m your best bride

Cover my cold cruel cries
with silent screaming lullabies,
sinking stillness to the bees
in the hive inside my haunted head
with sharp stains of a rusting blade
cutting through my water and bread

As your eyes swim in despair,
look down with a blank glare,
let your tears drop into my visage
to raise restlessness on my reckless rage
furiously flowing down with mine,
down as streams of pain
into the ocean on my hurting hands

When the pools are too full to dry,
bring me a feather and a scroll,
collect my blood in a black bowl
for we’ll need it for ink,
grace the ritual with magical tales
and vital swaying spells
of beautiful words of poetry
to swiftly sway my insanity

Turn off the music,
sickly switch off the lights,
stare at the sparks in my nights,
look keenly at my glowing light,
listen to the voices in the quiet,
watch me sink the most intimate
with profound depths of my diet,
Ma’ , let me write

Shadows, Flames and Roses

Shadows, Flames and Roses, a treat for lovers of poetry, sees the return of two major themes infused together (love and mental illness), to the literary collections of fiction books category. The poems in this collection are vividly told in a captivating and fast moving narrative that creates a stubborn conflation of thought and feeling. This is the first part of the long-awaited series, “Sunrise of Eternity” that provides uncensored illustrations of how living with mental illness affects interpersonal communications and associations.
However, readers coming to read these great works of literature in expectation of a fat wedge of short shallow poems and stealthy revelation along the verses, say, of that article published by the editor last year might want to adjust their expectations. Mowo, it turns out, has delivered a mere silver of a book, one that takes us from a young couple struggling with depression and anxiety disorder; by incorporating the themes of love and loss, lost love, death and destruction; through a journey of recovery to healing by love.
Its prologue is certainly precise: it captures rather beautifully a glimpse into a hypomania episode of depression.
Right at the start of his writings, the author introduces his readers to two protagonists; a young man in his early twenties and a teenage girl who lived with depression and anxiety respectively. Their relationship is going through a chain of turmoil due to a series of misunderstanding between them. This first poem creates a play-like scene. This captures the reader’s imagination of what the entire book is all about by creating a tense but exciting atmosphere.
As the plot is advanced, the author engages the reader into deep thought about the actual connection between the two protagonists by introducing a third character, a male who happens to have something going on with the girl. A love triangle is clearly outlined, conveying the impressions of dishonesty, distrust, betrayal and unrequited love between them that uncontrollably worsens their mental upheavals. He takes on the bull by the horn, he separately yet deeply describes the torture that both parties have to go through due to the confusion caused. He later on depicts the inability of the two to move on despite having all the reasons to, heightening the suspense even farther.
Skillfully, he combines the use of both lyric and epic poems to achieve his chief purpose, which I think is, to reach out and create mental health awareness in the society. He uses literary devices, including imagery and symbolism, simply and powerfully told, to adroitly evoke unspoken emotions; a realm largely lost to us now.
Love and mental illness are mostly smoke and mirrors. Modern writers really don’t know what it is like to be in romantic relationships while living with mental illness — no matter how much research they do — so the success of their enterprise depends largely on creating a convincing illusion. Mowo, battling autism, rises to this challenge with great skill in his accomplished, atmospheric and thoughtful debut book of poetry.

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Last Letter

I hope this gets to you before it’s too late
I’m under the sheets,
naked, from the streets of my bound body
to the empty sky of my sour soul,
touching no one else but myself

My fingers run reckless rounds on my  skin
in between my tender thighs
through the throngs of black gold mines
to the solo single apt ape on me,
my legs shake to the beats of each stroke,
rising and falling like a tide
under the monthly shift of the moon,
my bed is deluging as an ocean
and I am the island,
the ship lost at this sea of grief,
caught amidst two estranged tsunamis,
paying pressure with putrid pleasure

I’m just but a wounded wolf
howling from a distance,
weeping through this stance,
seeking help by myself,
maybe one day a stranger
will pass by my deserted home,
hear me moan and mourn
behind these stained glasses
and come to my rescue

I’m playing in my raging rain
hoping to drown in something not pain,
the wetness in my palm smacks sensations 
to the chemicals in my brain
causing my monsters to slide slowly out
to join in my damnation,
throwing me into perdition

Their presence is felt on my arms,
my absence cringes from without,
as I play with the apt ape
they enter the gape
coming early but late
like foes masquerading as friends
ready to dine without wine,
getting under the reserves of my null nerves,
stopping the gory game abruptly

I was just but a lonely cloud
wandering alone in the black bosom
of the shady strangled sky
before I met lightning flashes of chaos
that rubbed ruthlessly against my single spirit
tapping tainted trauma into my atmosphere
causing me to rain down as thunderstorms
while bringing the sun to his knees,
rusting the facade of my fuelled stars,
strengthening the earth’s chains of gravity on me

I have been falling ever since,
trying holding on to heavy droplets of fear
and thorny roses of unpleasant memories,
I’m constantly being pulled down by weights,
I’m choking on the acidified air
that flows through my basic brain
causing an uproar from the alkaline within,
like an asthma patient gasping for breath
while shooting a monologue under water

My palms are done limping over egg shells
on these miles and miles
of open road across my fragile flesh,
the tip of the apt ape is still now,
her redness is relieving
leaving my body less agitated,
I’ve lost quite a lot tonight,
my skin scales the blood on my arms
that had poured downstream as brooks
into the lagoon in my palm
causing wetness and numbness

My body is filled but my brain is screaming
silently behind the caves of my mind
waiting to come back again
to grind and reign,
to blind and stain

My 6 a.m. alarm goes,
my head is horrifyingly heavy
and my limbs are still shaking
like a leaf in one windy winter morning,
I’m moaning and mourning,
this surge disturbs the vast profound
wailing behind the cages of my ribs

I am still perturbed,
I want to know if I’ll ever be okay,
maybe when you drive into my home

symphonies will lead you to my gardens,

there you’ll meet terrains of unmarked graves,
graciously, you’ll be welcomed by my tombstone,
I hope you’ll see these words curved on it
‘ he was brave ‘
please don’t forget to lay wreaths
on the shade of my new home
I prefer purple flowers
‘ he was royalty ‘

light candles as you sway

to the dull beats of the blind wind,
come singing this song
‘ somewhere out there ‘
this is fair that I’m happier
lying straight sixes under

I hope this gets to you before it’s too late
I’m under the sheets,
naked, from the streets of my bound body
to the  empty sky of my sour soul,
touching no one
No one else but myself

Please be brave

This is probably another day that you don’t want anyone near you. If you had the option of walking away from the person you’ve become, you would gladly do so.
You hate the person you see in the mirror when you stand before it. You stare at them for minutes, even hours, but still can’t understand who they really are. You have a disconnection from your inner self. The person you’re seeing is a complete stranger to you. The reflection is vague and soon fades away because of the moist that covers it, your breaking heart has been beating so hard.
There are parts of you that you lost in the previous relationship. It wasn’t the best, you know. It just wasn’t good enough. It didn’t turn out as you wanted it to and that hurts you a lot. You low key hate who you are now.
It feels like you’re drowning in a pool of your own blood and as you try to reach out for help, they all are throwing spears at you.
Maybe you shouldn’t blame people for not being able to make you happy or give you what you ask of them. Instead, have an in-depth evaluation of yourself.

I’m convinced that you went into that relationship expecting all your problems would disappear. When they didn’t, you were disappointed and heartbroken so bad, so bad that you chose to stay away from the bigger world.

You were so hungry for getting the best out of you so that you can prove them wrong or appear happy in the name of revenge or getting back at them in your own weird ways as these.
You got the chance to show yourself love and to learn to articulate the same. You learnt how not to compromise with red signals when your feelings would be at stake. You mastered the art of guarding your heart.
How easy? Perfect, right?
The chaos that they made you go through stole parts of you that you would need in your next step towards a “better” place. They ruined your ability to trust and made you so paranoid. The vulnerable dove in you was gradually replaced by this sick spider, shivering yet ever ready to spite. You lost your charisma, elegance and confidence.

You lost yourself as you were trying to find yourself.

You now find it so hard to let people in. You’re ever observing, looking out for smoke, with one foot outside the door, ready to exit lest the “fire” catches your gorgeous garments again.
Moving on isn’t as easy as anyone else would tell you. You’ll fail and fall many times. You’ll find it so hard to break the connection you made in the previous relationship, to be honest, that bond was just one of a kind. But just because it’s not easy, that shouldn’t give you the slightest idea of making going back to failed relationships your cup of tea.

Cc. @nyona
You need to learn to accept that it never happened between you and them, not because you were not good enough, but because they were going through a phase in their life where your love for them wasn’t that much of a fly fitting outfit.
Allow yourself to fall in love again, without limitations. Next time you feel like boarding that plane called ‘relationship’ ; loosen your clothing ready to swim, open your arms wide ready to hug, put on your trademark infectious smile ready to cure the sad sick, wear your heart on your sleeves ready to melt again and kneel down with your soul in your tender hands ready to burn again.
It’s not going to be a ride in the park though. You will doubt, fear, cry, shake, and your teeth will gnash everytime you spot similar trends of your previous failed relationships in this new one, and that’s totally okay.
Give yourself the chance to understand that love isn’t meant to be perfect, the cure-it-all or some place where all your problems are dumped and disappear like a drop of ink in an ocean.
In all these, never at any point doubt the timeline for love. She’s not bound by any specific period. She rises when everything else falls, she overcomes all obstacles and wins always. She also laughs so hard sometimes, she cries when she’s overwhelmingly much or when she’s misunderstood, but, she means good always. She sings even when she’s just a sad bird or her voice isn’t perfect. She finds it hard to take,  even when nothing is all she has left, she always finds something to give. She stays even when you give her all the reasons to leave. She holds on even when you point a loaded gun at her heart forcing her to let go. She finds comfort in your happiness and would do all these for an eternity.

You won’t have peace with her if she comes when you’re still ailing. She isn’t the one to remove the flames from your path or to take care of your burns and scars, but to walk beside you as you nurse them. Make healing an inside job and love will always beautify your pain afterwards.
Maybe she’s crazy, but that’s what love is and even more. I hope love comes knocking at your door soon because both of you have a long journey ahead. Love is forever!

Why he left

Let’s be honest, if he had 13 reasons why he’d kill himself you would be the 11th. He gave his all while everything you did was ignore his signals of affection. He felt unwanted, unappreciated and misunderstood.
He didn’t want an almost relationship, he wanted to date you. He never said it out loud, but he told you with his body language.
He told you every time he looked at you from across the room and smiled
He told you every time he texted you back within seconds
He told you every time he initiated a silly conversation with you, because he had nothing important to say but just wanted to talk to you
He told you every time he found an excuse to touch you, whether it was by play fighting with you or letting you tickle him or feeling his abs or brushing lint off of you
He told you when he sat close to you in  your bedroom even though he could have easily kept his distance or be in another girl’s room
He told you when he compared his nails to yours, just so he could have a reason to come close to holding your hand
He told you when he noticed your new bracelet or the mark of the healed wound under your eye or your growing curves right away and commented on them so that you knew he was paying close attention
He told you when he started listening to the songs or the movies that you mentioned because he had an interest in your interests
He told you when he surprised you with food, just to show he was thinking about you
He told you when he still showed up at your room, even when you never went to his
He told you when he got jealous of the other guys that you were talking to instead of him
He told you when he liked every single one of your Instagram photos
He told you when he introduced you to his friends and siblings
He told you when he let you see a side of him that most people never saw
He never looked you in the eyes and said, “I want you to be my girlfriend,” because he thought his feelings were obvious
He didn’t think that he had to say the words aloud. He assumed his actions spoke for themselves. He assumed that you would be able to put two and two together since he always wears his heart on his sleeve
The truth is, he wouldn’t waste his time with you unless you meant something to him. The only reason why he flirted with you was because he wanted a real relationship with you. Because he wanted something more than an almost.
He wanted to date you — and he hates that it never ended up happening because you got so comfortable that you ignored all his efforts and took him for granted
He was good, you just didn’t pay attention
, someone else will .

Letters to the lost horizons

I forgot who I kissed last night
It was vague and bright
All the monsters wore masks in phases
None would let me see their faces
They told me not to talk about my pain
Lest they come back again
So I chose to pray
But the cloudy sky was empty

If there was water in the tub
I’d slit me for a cab
And have smooth ride home
Away from this scary storm
But there’s dryness outside
So much wetness inside
Waking up to pissed off mornings
All my cells are mourning
I can’t tell how I fell
I’m just tired as hell

I’ll tell you in a few
I heard what they said about you
That you’ve never failed
Is it true cause I’m jailed
Look at the scalds in my head
Are these shackles of sins
That went unseen behind the scenes

Are the  raindrops shimmering on the panes
Precipitations of my unending pains
Coming from forgotten pathways
Was I born to suffer always
Watching me go down
Vanishing from town

You cast me in seas of rage
You’ve pushed me to the edge
Listen to the bell toll
How long before I fall
My nights have taken a different phase
Writing wet wired lines on my face
Deluging into my ill ears
Slowly sipping my tears
Drowning in oceans of my fears

My city’s in blackout
No way out
My car is cycle
My ride’s a social
Picking me up
Only to set me up
They’re just a trap
Who don’t care
If I don’t have fare

Don’t summon the wailing wind
I’m too blind
To hear its brutal rays
Call onto the sun’s face
Bring her an elf
For I’m too deaf
To see her steaming shelf

Tell me why I can’t be okay
If you come then stay
You know I’m stuck
Running late on luck
Why do they keep coming back
Haunting my putrid park
They aren’t afraid of black
Cause they come in the dark

I’m left to burn in this furnace
All alone in darkness
Soon my words will collide with bees
And turn into stinging ashes
Then my head will break these chains
A prisoner with beautiful stains

Congregates have gathered in the synagogue
Wallowing in this monologue
Monsters argue from a distance
Over who hurts me in stunts
I stare shook at your throne
Watching them battle I alone
On who has dominion
Over my dark dungeon

I stand at this sea casting laughing stones
Weeping to the lost horizons
That flood my bed
Watching my dreams fade
I might be alive in the physical
But I carry a dead soul
Don’t let them take me tonight
I have no energy to fight
Can you hear my pleas
God please

Just love her

“It’s all about love. We’re either in love, dreaming about love, recovering from it, wishing for it or reflecting on it.” ~ Vivalamore

I’m not sure about the exact definition of love. Love is so broad and versatile yet it’s the  only thing we all live in, on, by, at, for, etc.
In a time when many beautiful souls are being tormented by depression and anxiety, it is important to show kindness more than ever. What would be a better way of doing this apart from love?
When you meet her, look into her eyes and pull her close into your warm embrace. Caress her with reassurance as though she has no hope left in herself.
When she lays her soul bare on your hands, be willing to understand and accept it with all her cracks and flaws.
Give her reasons to believe again. Kiss her without any traces of lies on your tongue.
When you let her in, close all doors behind you. Give all of your heart to her fully. Love her in the best way you know how, with the artless sincerity of a child.
Engage her in healthy conversations. Seek to explore her world and desire her to explore yours too.
Provide a happier home around you.Block all channels that may make her feel insecure being with you. Make her feel safe and that she could trust you.
Be the pillar of peace for her.Spend your entire life making sure nothing bad ever happens to her.
Treat her better than anyone ever has. Make her the choice, not just an option. Let her be the first priority when it comes to who you want to make happy.
Be her MVP. Whenever she can’t sleep, feels low or depressed, be the person she can count on to refuel. In her happy moments be there to celebrate her and with her.
Let her voice be your most favourite song and her laughter the most pleasing sound to your ears.
Write her name at the back of your head, etch tattoos on your heart of memories you make with her so that you’ll never get to forget about the joy that she is.
Remind her always about just how much she’s a blessing to you and the way no one else could take up her spot in your life because to you she is the best.

Believe in her when no one else does. As many times as the rest of the world thinks she’s crazy, let her be your embodiment of sanity.
Be the thing she feels always so that she doesn’t get to the points where she wants to feel nothing; give her reasons to want to remain alive.
When sorrow walks into her path,
make your words fill her heart with a gentle touch.
When her world comes shattering down be the hands to pick up all her broken pieces scattered all over. Be the arms to clutch her, hiding her from her fears.
Just as a flower needs watering, appreciate her as many times as humanly possible to make her feel cared for.
When she’s lost and can’t seem to trace her way forward be her map, go ahead of her always to show her the way but remember to be beside her everytime she staggers and needs a shoulder to lean on.
Be patient with her. There are moments that she’ll genuinely like to be alone, not because you are boring or she’s mad at you or anything, but she just wants to understand herself, things happening around her and all; let her be, let her have all the time because she needs it.
She might push you away sometimes, do not give up on her. Chase her always, even when she gives you all the reasons not to.
Be kind to her, respect and support her decisions. This will make her feel like she belongs and that her opinions matter.
Don’t be a liar by promising her the ‘world’, she’s not yours to give. Be realistic, offer her ‘history’ instead; your past, present and future.
Do not just go on your knees to beg her for love when you can
bow your head to the ground and kiss her feet.
If you can change her life with love, why wait to show her?

Just love her!

When we meet again

I want to climb up this dark sky
And sit on the moon
Pull down some stars
Paint your name on them
With blood from my breaking heart
And stains from my rusting soul

I want to run fast
Beyond those hills
And rest on the blank horizon
To rewrite our story
If that’s all it takes
To exorcise the ghost of you
That’s embedded in me

I want to dive into the sea
Down into the deepest point
Maybe I’ll suffocate
Till you leave my wandering soul
Or the sharks will scare off
These divine feelings of affection
That are screaming in my veins

I want to go to hell
To negotiate with your devils
That they may burn me a little
Cause scalds of you
Are tattooed on my cold heart
And they itch a lot
Every time I wake up
To mornings without you

I closed my eyes for a second
Hoping to see the angel of you
Your ghost hands
Pulled me to a cave
Instead of lending me a sun
I saw a dark deserted stairway
Heading up your empty chest
To your eyes that saw someone else

I can’t stop this precipitation
When dead is my expectation
Only you could rise such a sensation
I wish I’d seen the scary angels
Through your devilish eyes
Before tasting the sweet lies in your kiss
I poured my seas of love into you
You ran away with the last drop of it

I was a fool to trust your black sky
She had dark clouds
There you were with your thunderstorms
Washing me down like a waterfall
Leaving me empty
Like the atmosphere above an ocean
Chasing the rising tides
Only to fall down with them
Every time this past came haunting me

When we meet again
I’ll tell you everything
That the void you left in my soul
Can’t be filled by these fake physicals
That maybe this is our last life
And we certainly don’t have another shot
At an eternity
I’ll tell you how much it hurts
Knowing you don’t remember
Telling me forever

When you saw the moon rising through my eyes

You made the sun burn in my heart

You put my blood up in flames

You hadn’t learn how to tame your fires

Light is all I needed

Not scalds, burns and blackouts

You left with all my stars

I’ve been flying in the dark ever since

You will be loved

I know it’s not easy, I know it hurts
This is probably one of your many sleepless nights or rough days
You are so much deep in unexplainable thoughts of what really went down
Your pale skin glows in anguish
Anyone can see it in your watery eyes
You are completely worn out, from fighting impossible battles
You gave what you had to as they kept taking endlessly
You put your best foot forward in making them feel good about themselves
You would do that over and over again
As much as it would have taken to make them better

You kept telling yourself that one day they’d change
And be appreciative of what you had to offer
You kept on going in spite of the many times they made you feel unwanted
Every sunset served as a reminder of the long nights you went through with the people who took your love for granted
Nothing you did was worthy any kind of their affection
To them, your best was still not good enough
They made you feel like you were too hard to love
You held on for quite long but eventually couldn’t do that any longer

Now you are stuck in the past
Counting your losses; the pieces of your heart they broke
All the vows and promises that were never kept haunt your nights
You’re so empty and lost
You seem to have lost a sense of direction of the flow of your life
You feel robbed, despite
Some parts of you are missing and you just can’t figure out how you’ll get them back
You are ruins and bear patches all over, marks of what they made you go through

You blame yourself sometimes because you think you caused it all
You still believe that it can be fixed but the mere thought of the huge disappointment they brought upon you is quite overwhelming and wouldn’t allow you to do that
You loved them like there was no tomorrow
They still broke you like a piece of chalk
You started hating people and yourself
You started breaking trust and bonds
Isolating yourself from any type of associations
Pondering the pain as the most excruciating
Little did you know you’re becoming the same person who broke your heart

I hope this message reaches you before it’s too late
I’m glad you are reading this wherever you are hurting from
You were born of love, for love and to love
Going around hurting and pushing away people that you ought to be loving is so much unlike you
You got to look at the person behind the mirror and remind them to keep believing, keep going, keep breathing, keep loving

No matter how many times you get hurt, never stop believing in love
Always be there, knees bent, and palms open; ready to love again
Maybe this time round love will put on a different face; a weird smile or a deeper voice
Don’t set rules that only corner you into heartbreaks whenever your expectations aren’t reached
Give love a chance twice, thrice, even ten times; just always

Remember, it all starts with you
Love yourself first and learn to trust yourself again
Rebuild the beautiful relationship you once had with yourself but don’t be too selfish to love them when they come around
Do not be afraid to wear your heart on your sleeves at all costs
Do not ignore love when it pulls up on you
Bless them around like they are your whole world
Love them in the way you know best, naturally

There is no timeline for loving people
Love leaves when love has to
When they leave be thankful for the lessons you learnt and the growth you encountered while with them
Above all, love is forever
If they hurt you, unclench your fist
The best revenge is no revenge
Don’t paint your stars with hate
Do not wish them tragedy
Instead, wish them healing
Most people who hurt others are hurting inside

Let go when you have to
You need to close the door sometimes and accept that your love wasn’t appreciated
Not because it was wrong but because you gave it to someone who couldn’t understand it
Let nothing or nobody stop you from fighting for love
For you are made up of love dust
One day the right person will walk into your life and give that eternity gift to you
I wish that day comes soon
You are certainly heading to the most beautiful collision
You will be loved !